Class on October 4 2018

Jeremy coordinated student group presentations of the food web analysis activity.

One focus of class time was an interactive discussion of student Python notebooks. An example of a Python notebook for the assignment is shown below (using the food web dynamics from the previous class):

Rob provided the students an overview of what a proper written report should comprise.
Student Name:
Group Members:

In a short paragraph (< 4 sentences) describe...
    - purpose of the activity => develop computer model of food web for Narragansett Bay
    - key components => conceptual food web, energy/biomass transfer, python coding
    - main result(s) => observed distribution 

Describe the why of activity(ies).
    - motivation for activity => quantify transfer of energy/biomass in a food web, test previous work
    - where the food web is appropriate => Narragansett Bay
    - key players => primary producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers….
    - other information as suitable (limitations) 
    provide figure and caption if appropriate (e.g., location map, trophic level diagram)

Describe the steps you took.
    Chronologic order of events? bottom up? top down?
    => ID parts of food web
    => Create food web
    => Collect/assign parameters (e.g., efficiencies)
    => Python Programming
    provide figure/table & captions as needed (e.g., food web, algorithm, parameters table)

Observations (data presentation)*
Present results of your work/analyses.
    => show results of computer model as table, graph and/or map, whatever is appropriate
    => describe the results (e.g., patterns/trends/events), but do not interpret them!
    provide figure/table & captions as needed (e.g., energy/biomass values for each food web component)

Discussion (interpretation and analyses)*
Describe/discuss your interpretation(s) of the results.
    => describe potential causes/relationships of the observed patterns/trends
    => provide any additional info (e.g., graphs, previous work) that may support your interpretation
    => if appropriate, provide a conceptual model of results or compare to previous studies

Summary and Conclusion
    => briefly summarize the findings of your activity
    => should not be a simple repetition of things listed in (1)-(4) or the abstract

If you used references to other people's work (scientific papers, manuals, internet, etc.) list it here.
Use appropriate style format (e.g., APA style), c.f.

What I Learned
List up to 3 things that you learned (e.g., science concept, new skill or other)

Questions I Still Have
List/describe up to 3 things that you have questions about (e.g., scientific, conceptual, 
procedural or other)

* Note that sometimes the Observation and Discussion sections are combined into a Results section

Students were reminded that have until the following Thursday to turn in the written reports associated with their presentations.