Class on November 20, 2018

The class took a field trip to the University of Rhode Island Inner Space Center

Rob provided an overview of how the center tracks science expeditions live. A replay of an expedition to explore black smoker hydrothermal vents and a recent Puerto Rico marine protection area (MPA) investigation gave the students good examples of how remote observation vehicles (ROVs) can be tracked and even piloted from the inner space facility. Rob told stories from his time spent in a manned vehicle exploring at depth. The opportunities for general public education were highlighted in various publications that were available for students to take with them as they left the center.

Lucie coordinated a class presentation and discussion on how to give a presentation.

Approximately four slides:

1. What data are you trying to match or simulate?
2. What model structure did you use? Which parameters did you make time dependent?
3. How close did you get to modeling the observed data?
4. What are the next steps?

Students asked questions about the tips on presenting and then spent the last fifteen minutes of class time in their teams for report #2.