Class on November 16 2017

Chris presented a Powerpoint on critical thinking for the final project: Circulation, Sea level, Transport, Salt, Temperature.

Chris provided an exercise on how to use an eye dropper and water to do volume calculations and flow.

Questions were asked for students to discuss in groups: Starting with 50 mL, if one adds 9 mL, how much water level rise in a beaker with size of 2 cm diameter?

delta height=9 cm3/Π*r2

Now transfer the beaker demo to the Narrow River conditions:

How much water enters between Middle Bridge and Lacey Bridge if volume flow per unit time is given?

Students worked in groups of three

Students concluded that they need more data, width and length of Narrow River section.

Students worked in group using the whiteboards once additional information was given.

Lucie provided a Powerpoint on the needs of mussels and clams: food, water conditions, others (she put the Powerpoint on Sakai in final project folder)

Kathy initiated organization of teams for the final project. They need to think about it for next class

After-class reflections: PPT on volume flow was a bit too fast for the students, perhaps a more organized approach given them for the initial focus, but to make them work on board together doing calculations went really well.