Class on September 12 2017

New students to the class introduced themselves to the students who had attended the first class.

Kathy provided a presentation of the Narrow River (officially named the Pettaquamscutt) Watershed and areas of interest (e.g. the Narrow River Kayak facility) concerned with the kayak field trip to occur the next class.

Kathy asked students to watch a kayak safety video which lasted eight minutes.

Rob talked about the thermistors that were going to be used to capture data while attached to the kayaks.

Rob presented a video that described the software that was going to be used in conjuction with the thermistors (HOBO devices). Students noted the clarity and seriousness of his verbal pitch and tone.

Grace and Kathy organized a logistics session whereby students chose from two waves of kayak launches and volunteered to be drivers.

Kathy announced that the first wave would be joined by Rob, Bruce, and herself and proceed from the kayak rental facility to the estuary mouth and back.

Kathy then announced that the second wave would be joined by Chris and Grace and proceed from the kayak rental facility up to the upper pond of the Narrow River system.

Course facilitators stayed behind to verify their responsibilities and share contact information for cell phone use.