Class on October 24 2017

Kathy started off by asking for questions on the data reports assignment that was returned the previous class.

Bruce ran an interactive whiteboarding session for brainstorming useful metadata items to describe a mooring data set.

The class came up with the following list:
Title for the resource (e.g. Lower pond mooring Narrow River aug 23)
    proper name
    coordinates (latitude - longitude)

Date - Time (time period if there is one)
      time zone
      interval (sampling interval)
      start time
      end time
      publishing time
      date-time convention

What data has been collected (theme)
Who deployed/collected the data
Who is responsible for it now (who can I get it from)
Purpose for the data (who funded the data)
What equipment was used
What process was done (any extra or unconventional steps)
Citations of where the data was used (internal citation for the organization providing)
We had a discussion about ownership of data sets. The relevation was that it wasn't ironclad sure who had what ownership.

Bruce suggested a relationship between: Authority - Responsibility - Accountability

Chris suggested there was ownership value in the process: Idea - Work - Analysis - Write-up

Students were asked to go online to to read an overview and access the FGDC metadata standard specification primer.

Students were put into four groups and asked to fill out a metadata record for four mooring data sets.